8 Secrets To Happiness


1 – Remove what isn’t necessary. People carry unwanted baggage around with them for a lifetime. Sometimes you just have to let go. Admit you made mistakes and forgive yourself. No one (including you) is going to benefit from guilt. Think of your mind like your house. Some people accumulate so much stuff they can hardly move. This is what you are doing in your mind, you are carrying so much negative baggage around, you keep looking back and thinking about it over and over again,  so much so, that you can’t move forward.  Let it go, dump it and move on…

2. Decide on the path you want to take. A lot of people spend their whole lives going around and around in circles, never truly knowing what they really want our of life. Decide what your passion is, decide on what you want to become. Once you’ve decided, and it feels good, go to step 3.

3. Turn it into a reality. Take action. We all know of people who love to talk but don’t actually do anything. Don’t be one of those people. Decide what you want. Decide what you really want and take action daily toward getting it.

Secret 4. Dealing with negative thoughts and people. There are always people out there who are going to want to steal your thunder, there are people out there who don’t want you to succeed. In order to succeed at anything you have to ride on through that. And check your own thoughts while you’re there. What are you telling yourself over and over?. Is it helping you?

5. Spend your time wiselyInterestingly enough, I see people everyday in my world of online business, who want to be financially free but they also want to carry on as they have been doing.

Something has to give. If you spend a lot of time in front of the TV, it’s not going to help you if your business is suffering. Commit to working on your dream, whatever that is, and be prepared to let go temporarily of some of the things that take up time, but don’t produce anything positive.. like TV for instance, yes it’s entertaining but wouldn’t it be even more entertaining to work on the new YOU?..

6. Being Happy. You are about as happy as you decide you are. Happiness isn’t an external thing, it’s an internal thing. YES, external things can make you happy for a while, but lasting happiness must come from within. TIP. Making others happy will almost certainly make you feel happy.

7. Love others, love yourself. Before we can truly love others and be loved by others, we have to first love ourselves. I’m not talking about loving yourself in a conceited way, but if you don’t like or love yourself, others will not like or love you. We are always attracting to us via the law of attraction, vibrations from the thoughts and feelings we ourselves are feeling, this in turn returns similar vibrations.. like attracts like, love attracts love, love yourself in order to get others to love you.

8. Love what you doThis really is the ultimate success secret. Love what you do. So many people take their music to the grave with them and never end up doing the very thing/s that would have made them happy for life. We get so caught up with earning a living, that many of us forget to have a life..

I don’t believe any of us were put on this planet just to pay bills and die. But this is the scenario for so many people. If you get just one thing from these 8 Success secrets, let it be this. When it’s over it’s over, there is no more. Don’t regret the things you haven’t done, do the things you know you should do, it’s better know you tried, than to never have tried at all.

Don’t die with the music still in you…

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