Learning Wedding Photography

Hi . I’m Ken.  I’m retired but I was a professional Photographer most of my working years. I was at over 1000 weddings.

Listining to wantabe camera buffs over the years, and how hard they thought it would be to do wedding photography. I know I can change your thinking on that.

Well a young relative of mine asked me what it would take to learn wedding photography.

OK here it is. It’s almost to easy.

So now I’m in the proses of teaching him how to go about it and he said why don’t I write it down as we go through the steps of getting there. Leaving out all the bull crap that books and videos add in to complicate things

With the new modern cameras the photography part is going to be a lot simpler then when I started.


Wrong — A slider can make some great shots easy but if you are doing a wedding by your self you don’t want to be carrying around a large slider that can only do one basic thing.

There is lots of ways to get just as good or better shots faster. Let me show you how and why.

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